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It was developed in order to save time and costs during blast tests.

The measuring method is based upon STANAG 4569/AEP-55 Vol.2

The MATD is a Mechanical Anthropomorphic Test Device for testing blast proof vehicles, in a simulated mine blast situation.

Blast proof vehicle evaluation


Technical Data

  • DRI range for occupant measurement: 0-30.
  • Size of the mechanical measuring device: 480x240x148 mm.
  • Weight: 15kg – for the core mechanical device.
  • Additional weight (to reach the occupant’s weight) can be added in 2 options:
  1. Modular weights bolted to the measuring device base.​
  2. Human body envelope (optional)
  • Additional electronic devices to measure pressure and acceleration (if needed).
  • Additional mechanical device to measure the energy transmitted to the lower legs.



Costumers for DRI-D case study

TNO  Technical Sciences Netherlands

Israel Deface forces 

Carmor Israel

Elbit Systems Israel

TNO cooperated in case study and evaluation, but haven't purchased dummies yet.

Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems England

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